Drug possession crimes typically carry penalties of up to 1 year in jail for most prescription drugs, or 2 - 10 years for most street drugs, such as meth, marijuana, LSD, crack, heroin, cocaine, and hashish.

Judges and Drug enforcement agencies are starting to crack down on drug users and dealers harder than ever before! Only a few percent of people that sell drugs are not caught each year.

Don't be like them, stay free, stay healthy. Prison is an extremely bad place for young adults to spend most of the first years of their early adult hood. Keeping in mind there is no family, wife, or kids in prison. You have no freedoms, you are told what to do and when to do it. You dress how you're told, and walk how you're told. This is real life, prison you may see on television is no match to what is really out there waiting on drug addicts and drug dealers!













SADA - Students Against Drugs and Alcohol is a non-profit community service organization. SADA believes in educating today's youth about drugs the proper way before they are confronted with substances in their everyday life.