Some Common Warnings of Teen Drug Use


Health and behavior

* Continuing to use drugs even though they have health problems that are affected or caused by their drug use

* Irritability, anger, hostility, fatigue, agitation, anxiety, depression, psychosis (seeing or hearing things that are not there), lack of coordination, difficulty concentrating

Financial and legal issues

* Inability to keep track of money
* Being arrested, doing things that they would normally not do, such as stealing to obtain drugs

Employment or school

* Continuing to use drugs even though you realize your job or education is in jeopardy
* Missing work or school, or coming in late due to drug use

Family and friends

* Feeling annoyed when other people comment on, or criticize their use of drugs
* Feeling remorse or guilt after using drugs
* Associating with questionable acquaintances or frequenting out of the ordinary locations to purchase or use drugs

Social life

* Scheduling their day around using drugs
* Focusing recreational activities around obtaining drugs, using drugs, or recovering from drug use
* Using drugs when alone

Signs and symptoms of Cannabis use (Marijuana and Hashish)

* Heightened visual and auditory perceptions and increased sensitivity in taste
* Increased appetite
* Problems with memory, difficulty concentrating, paranoid thinking
* Decreased coordination, slowed reaction time
* Bloodshot eyes, elevated blood pressure, increased heart rate




SADA - Students Against Drugs and Alcohol is a non-profit community service organization. SADA believes in educating today's youth about drugs the proper way before they are confronted with substances in their everyday life.